एहि पृष्ठ पर जे.एन.यू. मिथिला मंचक कार्यकलाप पर रिपोर्ट आदि प्रस्तुत कएल जा रहल अछि। एखन धरि जे कार्यकलाप भेल तकर विवरण प्रस्तुत पृष्ठ में कएल गएल अछि!

This page presents reports on the activities of JNU Mithila Manch. Please through the submenu or the links below on this page to see the various activiities carried out by JNUMM.

JNU Mithila Manch called on a meeting on 25th septembr, 2012 at Admin. Block. JNUMM organising committee was reconstituded with consensus.

As per decision taken, JNUMM concludes FRESHERS' WELCOME CEREMONY today on 8th oct. It aims to hold a clusters of cultural, educational, informative and counciling events in near future.

JNUMM congralutes all its members, sympathizer and well wisher for making the event successful. It  hopes for participation of its members on larger scale in future.