Under the documentation page we have kept all the image, audio, video and other documents relating to the JNUMM. Besides these, we have also documented other contents that are relevant to Mithila-Maithili. See the following two pages that are to be frequently updated by the site administrators with contribution from the members.

Activites in Pictures
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Request for Content:

We request our members and concerned persons to send contents that you think may be appropriate and relivant for the JNU Mithila Manch in particular and Mithilanchal – Maithili in general.

You can submit your content contribution in image, audio, video, .doc., .pdf, html, text formats as well as other in other forms such as links as well.

Please send your content to Narayan Choudhary or Binay Pathak for this purpose. You can mail them at choudharynarayan [@] gmail [.] com or at  binayakumarpathak[@] gmail [.] com .

Here are some contents related to Mithila and Maithili that are relevant for the present time. We will upload/present articles/news reports and other materials on this page in the form of direct download or links. Keep coming back for updates!

1. Towards a Hostoriography of Maithili Language Development

by Udaya Narayan Singh, University of Hyderabad, Hyderabad

2. Request to Allocate the Maithili Script in the Unicode Roadmap

by Anshuman Pandey, Univ. of Washington, Washington

3. The Interplay between Marriage, Ritual, and Art in Mithila

by Punam Madhok

4. Maithili Women’s Song: Distinctive and Endangered Species

by Edward O. Henry, San Diego State University

5.  Maithili Music Collection at Narayan Choudhary’s blog

Here are the pictures of some of the activities of JNUMM!



Public Talk on Disasters of Flood in Bihar! on 18th July, 2009.