Welcome to Mithila Manch, a platform for everything Mithila and Maithil. Dedecated to serve as a resource for everything related to Mithilanchal and Maithili.

MithilaManch.org aims to serve as a connecting device to Maithils everywhere in the world through forums and membership at this site. It will add up to the voice of the Maithils within India and outside. The resources available at this site, such as content related to language, the literature and the culture, are to serve as propagator of Mithila and Maithili. The forum is to run discussions relevant.

MithilaManch.org inends also to serve as umbrella organisation which will voice the concerns of and things done by different Maithil/Mithilanchal groups spread the world over. We do this by providing a link to the group on the main page. This link contains  details and leads to the homepage of the particular group/manch.

The respective page of different groups is maintained and updated by persons/officials related to that group or that information has to be communicated to the webmaster of this site to be updated.

We request Maithils the world over to connect with this site and make it a public place to voice the feelings of the Maithil community.

If you think you can contribute to the pages, you can be an author or an editor and post your articles in the categories already given in here. If you want to make your group's presence over the web, just drop the webmaster a mail with the details of your Maithil group (which can be a Manch, a sabha, an association, a committee, etc.).

By being an author, you can post articles in different categories of your choice or even create one for yourself and publish it under that. An editor can edit existing articles and publish it.